Chamber Music with Harp

Online Resource for repertoire ideas and rare or out-of-print works

This page will be updated by the organisers in due course. It will be an ongoing resource that ensembles may find useful in terms of repertoire ideas and sourcing printed sheet music for the more unusual (or out of print) chamber works. If you have any music to add to this page, please get in touch with Eleanor by emailing with the title, instrumentation and any extra info you may have. Thank you for your help in building this resource! 


In both the Preliminary Round and the Final, ensembles are advised to select at least two contrasting works to create a varied and imaginative programme.

It is acceptable (but not a requirement) to perform one  of the same pieces in the Final as in the Preliminary Round recording.


Under 18, 5-8 minutes

Over 18, 8-12 minutes


Under 18, 10-15 minutes

Over 18, 15-18 minutes

Time limits must be strictly observed to ensure the smooth running of the competition. In the Final, a stopwatch will keep time from the moment each ensemble starts playing, until the players take a bow at the end of each performance. Thank you for your cooperation.