Deadline for Preliminary Round entries, including your CD recording, is Wednesday 25th March 2015. CD recordings must be received by this date. (Register using the online form, see Apply page on this website, following which a further form will be emailed to you with instructions on how to label your CD and how to pay your entry fee.)

Results of the Preliminary Round will be emailed to all competitors and Finalists announced on this website, by the end of April 2015. Thank you for your patience.

Deadline for Programme details for Finalists, tba. 


There is a one-off entry fee, per ensemble, of £25. This can be paid by cheque or bank transfer and details of how to pay will be emailed to you shortly after your application is submitted. 

If you enter the competition and then withdraw before the competition deadline, Wednesday 25th March 2015, your entry fee will be refunded in full. There will be no refunded fees after the deadline of the competition.


All four competitions permit both Lever Harps and Pedal Harps.

Harps only

2 or more harps, maximum of 16 lever harps or 8 pedal harps, for logistical reasons.


Almost any instrumental combination is permitted, with just two exceptions; Sadly, it will not be possible to accept ensembles that include piano or organ, due to logistics at the Final venue. 

Any other instruments, and voices, are allowed, as long as there is at least one harp. 2 or more players, maximum of 10. 


Age limit for Under 18 competitions - the Date of Birth of ALL MEMBERS of the ensemble must be on or after 15.06.97 (this ensures that all members are under 18 on the day of the Final).

Age limit for Over 18 competitions - DOB of ALL MEMBERS must be on or after 15.06.85 (and on or before 14.06.1999 - effectively, all members of the Over 18 ensembles must be between 16 and30 years of age).

You may be asked to provide proof of your date of birth.

UK Residency

Every ensemble member must either be resident in the UK or hold a British passport.

Multiple entries 

Each musician may compete in up to two ensembles in the entire competition, but only one per category. Multiple entries require two separate entry forms and two separate entry fees.

Time Limits

'Preliminary Round' Time Limits 

Under 18, 5-8 minutes

Over 18, 8-12 minutes


Under 18, 10-15 minutes

Over 18, 15-18 minutes

Time limits must be strictly observed to ensure the smooth running of the competition. In the Final, a stopwatch will keep time from the moment each ensemble starts playing, until the players take a bow at the end of each performance. Thank you for your cooperation. 


In both the Preliminary Round and the Final, ensembles are advised to select at least two contrasting works to create a varied and imaginative programme.

It is acceptable (but not a requirement) to perform one of the same pieces in the Final as in the Preliminary Round recording.

Within each programme, it is permissible to leave out repeats and it is also acceptable to make up to two 'cuts' (missing out a part of the printed music, primarily to save time) as long as they are not to the detriment of the music. 

Arrangements and transcriptions are acceptable.

Should they reach the Final, competitors will be required to provide a full score of each piece they are performing, for the adjudicators. Photocopies are acceptable (for this purpose only) but must be destroyed immediately after the competition. 


Ensembles are permitted to use a Conductor if they feel it is required. Please be aware that the Adjudicators will have to take this into consideration when marking.

online resource for chamber music with Harp

4 Girls 4 Harps are in the process of creating an ongoing music resource, as part of the BHCMC 's future plans and ambition to support and encourage the development of budding UK chamber music groups with harp. 

With a particular emphasis on rare, lost and difficult-to-find British chamber music with harp, 4 Girls 4 Harps would like to compile, with your help, a list of pieces for multiple harps or harp with other instrument/s, See Repertoire for further details.